Business Consulting


What sets one business consultant apart from another?

Foremost it is an ability to grasp the urgency and scope of your business needs. Next in line is the skill to intelligently assess underlying patterns in your organization.

I offer unique tools to assess your company’s situation. I work with a model that precisely maps the core ideas that drive each organization, no matter its size. All organizations have a template. It was imagined by the founders, is reflected in the key executives, visible in the corporate culture, and experienced by its customers.

Any incongruence between corporate behavior and this underlying pattern is the main reason organizations fail. Understanding this template is essential to leading any enterprise towards success.

Whether I'm working with a group of key executives on strategy, or helping a CEO re-align a company with its core mission, these are some of the typical outcomes:

  • Re-alignment with core purpose of organization and clarity about mission
  • Direct impact on the bottom line
  • Higher overall efficiency
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Highly effective conflict management based on unspoken truths
  • Unparalleled team-building with measurable results


Presentations and Keynotes

If you need your company or management team to understand what underlying currents are shaping our world today, this introduction is essential. Without an understanding of the new paradigm existing in every facet of our lives, it is impossible to make wise decisions. An excellent way to start is a 30-60 minute  presentation or a keynote.

Please contact me to discuss your needs.