Astrology Q&A

What Can Astrology Do For Me?

Our relationship with astrology

Astrology's acceptance by the public, and those who rule it, has varied greatly over the last four millennia. Sometimes seen as a divinatory skill practiced by high priests and priestesses, sometimes as quackery or simply entertainment for the gullible, views on astrology have never been lukewarm. One thing is for sure, neither the Catholic Church in medieval times, nor skeptics and scientists today have been able to quash it. Over thousands of years astrology has remained a constant in the human search for meaning by looking to the heavens. We are in a persistent quest to understand the universe, nature, and ourselves.

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How does Astrology work?

For a brilliant article about how Astrology works read this by Brian Kochunas.

Do I have free will?

Yes. The more you know about your Birth Chart, the more free will you have. You are here to learn certain lessons that you cannot run away from. However, you can freely choose the classroom in which you learn. Life lessons are shown in your Astrological Birth Chart. The more you know your life lessons the more choice you have. If you don't know these lessons then you feel that life is happening to you.

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Can anyone predict the Future?

Prediction addiction

Collectively, we have developed what might be called a prediction addiction. Many respected professionals are paid six-digit salaries to predict the future. Economists, stock brokers, hurricane experts, futurists and fashion designers all predict the future. Tune in to the weather channel and somebody is making predictions around the clock. Nobody questions these professionals or their methods. However, when an astrologer makes a prediction, there is uproar or polite silence.

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The Archetypal Moon



After you watch this slideshow (it is about 4 minutes long) answer the question below!



Question: Does what you just experienced feel like a FRIEND, an ENEMY, or a STRANGER?