Readings Q&A

What is a Reading?

It is a conversation between you and me. First, I draw up a map of the heavens at the moment of your birth. The planets are always in a play with eachother. I translate this celestial play into practical stories about your life. My language is never judgmental and always full of ideas that allow you to re-imagine anything that is in your life. These Readings show deep psychological patterns. I offer insights into your past and your present, and how to position yourself optimally going forward. My Readings have nothing in common with daily horoscopes in magazines. Those are for entertainment and what I do is to help you understand your inner depth. This gives you choices to act differently, if you chose, and thereby step away from whatever is not working. My Readings are helpful in all sorts of situations. Here are some typical examples that clients call me about:

  • You keep falling into the same types of hurtful relationships
  • You are under particular stress and are looking for a way out
  • Your life is changing beyond your control and you need direction
  • You want to know more about yourself and your Life Calling.

What kind of Readings can I get?

Natal Chart Reading - This Reading is based upon the planets' positions at the minute of your birth. A life unfolds from this core Chart. It is your personal map and the blueprint of your life. This is always the first Reading you get from me because it addresses such questions as, "Why am I here?”, and “What is my Calling in Life?" I believe that all other questions should follow these. A Natal Chart Reading also addresses pressing issues in your life at the time of the Reading. I will show you patterns that you have held all of your life and I will suggest different ways to deal with such patterns now.  1 hour, $250.

Update Chart Reading - This Reading helps you understand events and moments in the past, present, and future through the use of transits and other techniques. It is especially useful during major changes and upheaval, and for re-aligning yourself with your Calling. Through the use of astrological mapping techniques, Update Charts can include finding an appropriate place for you to live. I am also available to work together with your therapist on any specific issue.  1 hour, $250.

Partnership Chart Reading - This Reading helps you understand, and deeply examine, a particular relationship in your life. The relationship can be intimate, in business, a friendship, or with a family member. For a partnership Reading I will first read the Natal Chart for each partner separately. Only then can I read a Composite Chart for both at the same time.  1 hour, $250.

Mini Chart Reading - This Reading is designed to answer one or two specific questions when you do not need a full Reading. You need to have had at least a Natal Chart Reading with me before this Reading.  20 min, $85.

How do I get a Reading?

The best way is to use my secure order form. That way I get everything I need to prepare. Use this form for a Reading for yourself and this form to gift a Reading to someone else.

Alternatively, call (314) 997-7744 and give me the details in person. From outside the US call +1-314-997-7744.

After you have filled out the appropriate form I will contact you to make an appointment. Most Readings are done by phone as my clients are all over the world. If you are in St. Louis you can choose to meet with me at my office. I record all my Readings for your convenience. I will send you the recording and a copy of your Natal Chart after the Reading. I also archive the recording for two reasons: If you ever lose your copy and wish for me to send you another, and if we continue to work together, I use the archived recording as my notes.

What about Readings for children?

When I read for anyone under 18 I only speak to the parent(s). An Astrological Reading is a valuable tool if there are problems with the child. Be this in school, with learning, in the relationship with siblings, one or both of the parents, friends and so on. Parents continue to tell me how much this helps with parenting. After the age of 18 I treat the person as an adult and all the confidentiality applies that is the norm for all my clients, i.e. I cannot discuss anything that goes on in the Reading with anyone except with expressed permission from the client. Please ask me about a Reading for a child, or fill out this form.

Can I give a Reading as a gift?

Yes. Arguably the best gift you can give someone is a better understanding of who they are and insights into their Life Calling. When you order a Reading as a gift, your friend, spouse, child (18 or older), or parent will receive a meaningful gift and deep insight into their Calling. You will give your loved one something that they will remember and what they really want - a deeper understanding of themselves. You can order a Reading as a gift any time and you can print out a gift certificate if you have a printer attached to your computer.