Readings Testimonials

QuotationOpenYour reading "blew me away" or perhaps more likely "blew me home."QuotationClose
- Maude Dorr, France

QuotationOpenYour reading significantly shifted my self-image. I felt like you took a bunch of old rotting furniture out to the curb for me and what was left in my inner landscape was only the authentic parts of who I am with lots of room to dance in the newly created space. I have a whole new perspective on myself and my life and I feel in-the-moment and self-accepting in a way I never have.QuotationClose
- Karali Pitzele, Brooklyn, NY

QuotationOpenIn one hour you have validated my entire life and all of its struggles! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.QuotationClose
- Jeri La Shay, Somerville, MA

QuotationOpenMy reading with Laurence, got me started on what I really want and need to be doing. I am more clear and more energized as a result.QuotationClose
- Susan Hoelzer, Milwaukie, OR

QuotationOpenI watched your Pluto Slideshow. On the first viewing I was riveted and incredulous; I sobbed the second time. Dazzling. Brilliant. Intense. Painful. Beautiful. Seductive. Intoxicating. Sobering. Challenging. Dark. Accurate! What more can I say?QuotationClose
- Sally Segerstrom, Sonora, CA

QuotationOpenI tell my friends: if you want to treat yourself to an amazing experience, to really gain insight into your life and clearly find your purpose, then contact Laurence. His ability to weave his vast knowledge of mythology and psychology into the reading made the experience one of in-depth learning on so many levels.QuotationClose
- Nancy Margulies, Author, Founder of Mindscapes, Montara, CA

QuotationOpenLaurence Hillman has a mercurial ability to seize the moment and dart his way around the complexities of a chart, along with the more earthbound capacity to understand the structure of a person's destiny. The phone consultation - which may in theory seem a little impersonal - works remarkably well and brings intensity and focus to the session. The packing cases that came with you when your spirit was made flesh will never have felt lighter.QuotationClose
- Mark Kidel, Filmmaker, Writer, Bristol, England

QuotationOpenWhen you rehearse to act in a Shakespeare play, you stand up to speak in scenes written with the musicality of an immortal soul. They are natural scenes, familiar, sometimes gross, sometimes fine, but often incomprehensible at first. You search for what is moving through them, what is changing, like a walker in a new landscape listens for the sound of a river. Time and again when I arrive in a new month of my life, when I stand up from my bed to speak in the thicket of my day, Laurence's wonderful ear for the music of the stars, and love for deep places, leads me directly to the river moving through my life. As the Wizard of Oz said from his balloon, "I don't know how it works", but it works for me.QuotationClose
- Mark Rylance, Actor, Oscar Winner, and Artistic Director, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre London 1996-2005, London, England

QuotationOpenLaurence Hillman has provide me both mirror and magnifying glass for me to look at myself and my patterns, allowing me to make choices where I thought there were none. His insights and his work have freed up my heart and allowed me to truly share love.QuotationClose
- Jim Lees, Cape Town, South Africa

QuotationOpenHave you ever felt like you were sleepwalking through life? Like you woke up in the morning, your eyes were open and you were walking around, but there was just something missing. There is a good possibility that Laurence Hillman has your wake-up call. After an hour on the phone with Laurence I felt like I had a new beginning. The clouds in my mind cleared and I met a new person, and that person was me. A call to Laurence is truly a process of discovery. My natal chart reading gave me a much deeper understanding of why I am who I am, and also why I react in certain ways in certain situations; also why I feel certain emotions at certain times. Knowledge is power and you must be truly enlightened within yourself before you can pass it on to others. Laurence gave me that knowledge.QuotationClose
- Joe Schafer, Farmer, Loanoak, Arkansas

QuotationOpenYour reading was soul stirring! I thought about my reading for days and when the tape arrived I could not wait to listen to it again and again. It gives me a map of my life's journey and what magnificent things I am capable of molding for my future. You helped me understand how my belief system was no longer working for me; something I have known for quite some time. There is a light at the end of the tunnel that is brighter than I can ever imagine. You are a master at understanding the inner workings of astrology. Thank you for your insight, knowledge and the way that you symbolically outlined my chart so that I could visualize and now explore the possibilities available to me.QuotationClose
- Anna Maria Prezio, Consultant, North Hollywood, CA

QuotationOpenLaurence has continually and I might add, very patiently and kindly, navigated me through my chart and each time I discover something more, something opening and telling, asking me to explore that which I cannot deny. I discover that there is rest in the midst of all that is happening, as my life is set on a course directed. Laurence skillfully touches on each and every note of song that is residing on my chart and in that I find myself yearning to fully live that which is real, not that which denies my truth. The Pluto piece has been amazing during the past few years and I see now why I am so lured into the mysteries of life and the underneath of sight. We have created a wonderful group program on our property with Laurence. Each person finds a glint and sparkle of their personal gold as Laurence opens the stage safely for individual opportunity to observe ego at work, to realize ones possibility of potential in life, creative and with adventure. I love looking at the stars at night, yet now I understand the connection, as they reach into my life and cast into me the undeniable mystery of universal life.QuotationClose
- Jennifer Jones, Owner Swift Level Farms, Lewisburg, WV