Free Downloads

Here is a listing of materials that I created to help you further understand and learn astrology. Feel free to download any of these. The material is copyrighted and is for your personal use. If it is to be used in a class, please give appropriate credit. If it is used in a publication (including online) please contact me. 

Keywords For the Ten Astrological Planets

A useful reference sheet to remind you what the different planetary archetypes represent.  Download

The Twelve Principles of Astrology

My popular cheat-sheet, crib-sheet, or one-page summary of astrology. A key-word compendiary that is handy to have when you are looking at your chart.  Download

How to Download a Recording of a Reading onto your Computer

Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to download a recording from a readings so you can listen to it again at your leisure.  Download

The Eight Lunation Cycle Types

This is a very large file (1.6MB) and only recommended for high-speed surfers. Be patient during the download.  Download

Gift Certificates

If you need a Gift Certificate you can get one here. Then sign up the recipient so that I get all the information I need to get the reading started.  Download

Practice Sheet

Draw Astrological symbols!  If you want to learn how to draw the symbols that appear in your horoscope this is a handy practice sheet to do just that.  Download 

Planetary Aspects and Orbs

If you want to learn about aspects and orbs, this sheet shows you how these are figured in your chart.  Download